1. Marine Sciences Research Center Undergraduate Programs Committee
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  3. Arts and Sciences Senate; Promotion and Tenure Committee
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  5. Simons Summer Research Program Committee
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  6. National Society of Collegiate Scholars
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    MSRC News Item - Malcolm J. Bowman Honored
Clubs and Organizations
  1. Stony Brook Debating Society, Interim Chair
    A recently established campus club that discusses the great issues of the day under formal parliamentary rules of debate.
International Studies
  1. Great Barrier Reef Program
    Professors Alastair Dove of MSRC and I are developing a proposal with the University of Queensland, Australia to develop opportunities for Stony Brook students to attend the Great Barrier Reef Program, which is a 15 credit, 8 week, July/August lecture, laboratory and field based experience.
    Centre for Marine Studies, University of Queensland
    Stony Brook University Study Abroad Office