Stony Brook Environmental Conservancy (SBEC)
I presently serve as the Chairperson of the Board of this organization, below is an excerpt of its mission statement

    The SBEC is a new community based non-profit organization whose mission is to help preserve, protect and enhance the unique environmental heritage of the Stony Brook area. We work to ensure that the outstanding natural assets contained within its parks, forests, preserves, open spaces, farmlands, wetlands and marine waters are preserved for all time.
Please visit the Stony Brook Environmental Conservancy Website

Friends of Flax Pond (FFP)
Recently a group called "Friends of Flax Pond (FFP)" has been formed by local residents of the Village of Old Field, Setauket, NY. FFP was formed to address a growing community concern that the environment of the pond, a local wetland located on the north shore of Long Island, is apparently deteriorating, including loss of fish and shellfish resources, loss of wetlands and declining water quality.

The friends of Flax Pond have organized a winter lecture series which consists of a series of lectures given by local scientific experts who are studying and working to protect the pond. I serve as Moderator of the 2004 Winter Miniseries and as a consultant and advisor to the Friends of Flax Pond.