• Malcolm J. Bowman- Physical Oceanography, Group Leader- <>
  • Brian Colle- Mesoscale Meteorology <>
  • Charles Flagg- Coastal Oceanography <charles.flagg stonybrook edu>
  • Douglas Hill- Coastal Hydrology <>
  • Minghua Zhang- Atmospheric Dynamics
  • Hamish Bowman- Model integration and development <hamish.bowman otago ac nz>
  • Alexandra Santiago- Research support
  • Jian Kuang- Modeling support (MS student in applied math) <kuangjian2011 at gmail com>
  • Keith Roberts- Statistical analyses and mesh grids (Postdoctoral research fellow, São Paulo)
  • Michael Colbert- Storm surge barrier modeling (Honors College student)
  • Sam Fey- Tidal analysis (BS physics student)
  • Ruyi Yu- Data assimilation (PhD student in applied math)

Acknowledgements for Past Contributions:

Disclaimer: This model is under development and predictions for sea level height are for research purposes only. They should never be used for navigational purposes or emergency planning under any circumstances.